ValeVPN: Instant Dedicated Security

ValeVPN is the world’s first and only cloud security service offering fully dedicated, blazing fast, easy-to-use privacy and security servers on the web.  

→ Our Product 

We are a team who are passionate about privacy, security, and speed!  So we went ahead and built something amazing!  

Are you ready for the ultimate private cloud security tool? 

Get internet security when you need it, where you need it, and how you need it.  

Fully dedicated to you and your needs, not shared with countless other people.

→Our Story

Connecting to the internet is critical no matter where you are!   From shady internet cafes in the middle of sub-saharan Africa, to 4G cell towers in the central jungles of Peru and Columbia, sometimes you have to get online anywhere, anytime!  

We are Eric & Robin and we have traveled the world for the last few decades, and personally felt the ‘always connected, maybe secure’ pain!   

To get security & access content in the USA, we started using existing VPN providers.  But we soon learned a valuable lesson:  Existing VPN’s SUCK

They are SLOW – often selling millions of users into their overused servers.  

They are easily BLOCKED – Static servers and IP addresses are easily blocked. 

They are very INSECURE – Forget about free – even the paid ones are shady.

So we came up with a better VPN solution!   We started by creating our own fully dedicated VPN servers running on Amazon, Google, and Microsoft’s data centers.  And we saw a huge difference:

We want to share the power we unlocked with the whole world, so we put a team together and built ValeVPN!    The power is in having fully dedicated, single-use security servers that you control, not some shady VPN provider.

Eric assembled his team of dedicated professionals in the Ukraine, who are committed to security, privacy, and freedom of information!  Together we built something amazing… ValeVPN!  

ValeVPN is the only tool that allows users to create and launch fully configurable, single-use, fully dedicated security servers on the largest cloud networks worldwide. 

Then tragedy struck.  

As we were getting ready to launch in October 2021, our chief developer, and one of the smartest people we knew in the world, Andrew Shkira passed away suddenly.  So Eric immediately traveled to our team in the Ukraine and to Andrew’s parents.  It took 4 people to fill Andrew’s contributions.  

Read a note from Andrew’s mom, and our dedication page here

This project is dedicated to Andrew’s memory, and stands in honor of his sacrifice and dedication to our founding principles of security, privacy, and freedom of information.  

And… AGAIN. 

Immediately after the loss of Andrew, and as we started moving forward with our new team members, Russia invaded Ukraine.   One of our founding team members, Sergey Borodkin, was in particular danger.  So we made it a priority to help him, his wife, and three children flee their home and find safe refuge in Germany.  

Thankfully Sergey and his family are safely settled in Germany, and ValeVPN is back on track! 

So as part of our commitment to providing security, privacy, and freedom of access, we are donating sponsorships to our allies in the Ukraine so they can get secure access to information worldwide.   We want to ensure the people of the Ukraine can continue to get online with fast, reliable, and secure internet access! 

What now? 

ValeVPN is back on track – our applications are ready for iOS, Android, and Desktop (both MacOS & Windows) – But we need your help to get us to the next level.   

We are asking for your support as a founding member.   In exchange, we are offering a very limited number of our supporters a Lifetime Membership.  

They were complicated corporate things that needed an IT guy to set up and get working right, and then they only worked some of the time.   

Then along came a company that ‘gamified’ the VPN’ and made it easy for people to use on a day to day basis.   

That changed the game and made VPN security accessible to everyone.  

But the companies that grew during this time used the old model of buying and installing their own servers in offices around the world.   To cut costs they put as many users on those servers as possible.    

→ Do I need a VPN (that doesn’t suck)?

Have you ever felt: 

  • Unsure about that questionable WIFI hotspot you need to connect to? 
  • Current VPN companies over-sell and under-deliver their services?
  • What you’re doing online is being monitored? 
  • Companies and government agencies know too much about you?

You’re not paranoid. 

Your fear is justified.

We started ValeVPN because we believe:

The current solutions to this problem force you to choose between speed and security. We believe you deserve both.

Although very secure, it isn’t necessary to use a VPN for all your activities online, all the time.   It can be overkill.   

We suggest you use a VPN when you: 

  • Connect to any WIFI hotspot outside of your home.
  • Your cellphone is roaming outside of your provider network. 
  • When you need to access highly sensitive information (banking, government websites, etc. 
  • When you need to access region blocked content. 

These are practical times we would highly recommend you use a VPN.  ValeVPN offers the highest speed and security with fully dedicated servers, created just for the times you need them.  

→ What’s wrong with current VPNs?

→ ValeVPN makes security and privacy simple without sacrificing speed.


ValeVPN is a new type of VPN security:  One time, dedicated cloud servers.  

These one-time security servers auto-destruct when you disconnect.

Support us now as an early adopter, and get a Lifetime Membership!