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How to deactivate your Kik account

Children begin their digital lives quite early, and it's becoming more and harder to shield them from the hazards that lie online. Parents should exercise caution when it comes to instant messaging, and one of the most well-liked networks for young people is Kik. What then is Kik? Why may it be a threat? How can one remove their Kik account?

Describe Kik

A free mobile messaging application for iOS and Android devices is Kik Messenger, usually referred to simply as Kik. You may share films and photographs with other people and send each other private messages using it. It has shown to be quite well-liked among teens.

You simply need an email, birthday, and username to sign up for Kik. It indicates that other users only see the most basic information about one another. After some time, the software also deletes message history. The software does, however, have several privacy flaws, such as IP recording and a lack of end-to-end encryption.

Why should your Kik account be deleted?

You may want to remove your Kik account for several reasons:

Threats from internet exploitation. Every software that enables users to maintain a certain level of anonymity has an issue with child exploitation. Kik is no different. Also, researchers have trouble getting data from corporations to look into these incidents. To counter these concerns, the corporation has put in place tougher procedures.

a lack of parental supervision. Teenagers may use Kik without their parent's help. While children should have their parent's consent before using the app, they may simply get around this by submitting a phony birthday.

As Kik lacks end-to-end encryption, the service providers may see all of your messages or divulge them to a third party at their discretion. The business can also determine your location by looking at your IP. Cybercriminals may more easily intercept user communications when there isn't encryption.

Users can't confirm their identity. Kik users may sign in without a working phone number or email address, making it incredibly difficult to confirm someone's identity. Because of this, there is a lack of transparency and responsibility among users, which may result in fraud, abuse, and cyberbullying.

Transparency is lacking. As its code is not available for independent scrutiny, Kik is not transparent. Moreover, it lacks appropriate documentation of its design and has no independent audits.

Several texting applications are safer. See our list of safe texting services for additional information.

How to permanently deactivate your Kik account

Kik accounts may be permanently deleted by:

  1. Visit this page, first. Click the box below, provide your information, and indicate why you are leaving.

2. Press Go!

3. Kik will send you a message through email. Launch it.

4. Choose Permanently Deactivate, then proceed as directed.

Example of how to remove your Kik account

There will be a permanent deletion of your account. Nobody will be able to access your login or profile in the app, and you won't get any further alerts. If you wish to use the app again, you'll need to establish a new profile since you won't be able to reactivate your account. Both Android and iPhone operating systems need the same processes.

Deactivating your Kik account

Just now, you figured out how to erase your Kik account. Let's now examine how to turn it off. Kik's deactivation is a rather simple process. Simply input your email address here and follow the on-screen instructions.

What distinguishes deletion from deactivation, then? Once you deactivate Kik, no one will be able to discover your username and you won't show up in contact lists. You also cease getting all messages through the program. But, if you sign in again, your Kik account will revive and remain in existence.

How to remove your Kik account without using your email

You won't be able to delete your account normal if you can't recall your email address. You might ask Kik's support for further advice in this situation.

How to deactivate or remove the Kik account for your child

You may ask the firm to deactivate your child's Kik account by getting in touch with them. Send an email to with the subject "Parent Enquiry" to submit a deactivation inquiry. You must state the cause for deletion in the message and provide your child's email address and Kik username. You will hear from a Kik representative soon.

You will nonetheless want the username and email address that your youngster used to register for an account. By signing into their Kik account and selecting the gear icon in the top-left corner, you may see this information. Your child's display and user names are visible there.

You will nonetheless want the username and email address that your youngster used to register for an account. By signing into their Kik account and selecting the gear icon in the top-left corner, you may see this information. Your child's display and user names are visible there.

Moreover, you may erase it via the aforementioned Kik form. All you need is access to your child's Kik profile email address.

Moreover, bear in mind that since Kik doesn't share chat material between devices, you cannot monitor your children's Kik discussions from your smartphone.

What should I do if someone on Kik is bothering me?

We suggest the following if someone is bothering you on Kik:

To report a harasser right away, write an email to You may then contact Kik's Safety Center to discuss your problem with them. By following the user-blocking procedures provided below, you may also report a bully with ease via the Kik app. Just choose the Report User option rather than blocking;

Example of how to remove your Kik account

Cut off all contact with a harasser. Never give them any personal information or consent to a face-to-face meeting; If you are underage, tell your parents or guardians right away; Inform your local cyber police in more severe situations.

Also, we urge you to blacklist a bothersome individual. You may accomplish it by using

1. going back to a conversation you had with them;

2. click on your friend's username at the chat's top;

3. clicking on the trio of vertical dots in the top-right corner;

4. Choose Block and confirm your selection.

Just go to the Block List in Kik's privacy settings, click on a single username to unblock that individual, and you're done.

How can I erase messages sent between myself and another user on Kik?

Whenever you've received more messages than you can handle, Kik automatically deletes the older ones. But, to erase recent messages, you should:

1. Start a conversation;

2. Choose the message you want to remove;

3. Tap Delete after giving it a long push.

If you want to end a discussion in its entirety:

1. At the chat's top, click on your friend's username;

2. Click "Delete Conversation."

However bear in mind that because Kik keeps messages in the cloud and makes it impossible to remove them on both sides, this approach solely deletes messages on your end.

Alternatives to Kik

JusTalk Youth

Kids may exchange messages and make video calls with the JusTalk Kids app. For their children, parents may create a password and manage access. Also, the software forbids outsiders from contacting children. Parents may also quickly erase certain contacts whenever they want.

Messenger Fennec

Another option to think about is Fennec Messaging. It prevents outsiders from approaching your kid, much as JusTalk does. Also, it features a built-in phone finder that enables you to trace a child's smartphone in an emergency. A helpful time limitation function that limits the number of hours that may be spent using the app is also available.

Celestial Messenger

A kid-friendly, cute-looking app is called Stars Messenger. Once again, nobody else can contact your kid using this service. Also, you may organize personal groups to provide your kids with a safer atmosphere.

Using a VPN, Kik

Make yourself and your children safer if you still want to use Kik. As was already noted, Kik has a poor track record regarding privacy. When end-to-end encryption is not used, both service providers and hackers may listen in on your communications. Your geolocation and IP address are also accessible to the business.

In this case, a VPN is your buddy. Your communication will be encrypted, making it impossible for anybody to intercept it. Also, it will mask your original IP, ensuring that no one can see where you are.

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