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What is ValeVPN proxy
extension for Google Chrome?

ValeVPN Proxy Extension is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a fast, secure and private browsing experience. With unlimited bandwidth and swift activation, you can stream and download content with ease and fast speed.

Keep your IP address hidden and access geo-restricted sites from a constantly growing pool of international locations.

Enjoy secure browsing on public WiFi networks, with no fear of personal data theft or malware attacks.

Download the extension and you’re ready to go - no further software needed!

install free ValeVPN Proxy for Chrome

Get the best Proxy for Chrome

Enable VPN security right away from within Google Chrome browser window
Enjoy online freedom, privacy and security


Set up Free Chrome Extension
for Chrome and Improve your Surfing Experience

  • Make your browsing anonymous

  • Access your favourite content

  • Protect your data

  • Bypass censorship and access the truth

  • Get rid of annoying ads

  • Enjoy a smooth, uninterrupted web experience

  • Unblock and watch popular streaming services

Start Now!

Don’t miss your chance to try ValeVPN
Proxy for Free

How to set up ValeVPN Proxy
for Google Chrome

  1. Subscribe to ValeVPN on the register page.

2.  Download and install ValeVPN app from Chrome Market.

3.  Feel the difference!

If you need help, our Support Team is always here to help you.

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Download For Free

3 Simple Steps to use ValeVPN
Proxy for Chrome

Press Extension icon

in the right top corner and choose ValeVPN

Log in


Your Proxy Server and Connect


What is the Different between
ValeVPN and ValeVPN Proxy


ValeVPN Proxy

  • Available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Android TV

  • Encrypts all internet traffic for maximum system-level security

  • Provides many customizable security features and specialized servers

  • Available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge

  • Provides a secure HTTP traffic protection in your browser, offering you more options

  • Incredibly simple and fast to use, allowing you almost instantaneous connection to VPN servers

Download ValeVPN App
Download ValeVPN Proxy
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