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As we approach the mid-point of the year, the streaming world continues to offer up a vast array of new movies, TV shows, and sporting events for audiences to enjoy. With May 2023 just around the corner, we take a look at some of the best new content available to stream next month.

New movies to stream in May 2023

With many highly anticipated movies set to be released in May 2023, streaming platforms are set to be awash with exciting new content. Here are a few of the most exciting movies available to stream next month:

Avengers: Secret Invasion - The latest Marvel blockbuster hits streaming platforms in May 2023, featuring all your favorite heroes in a battle against the sinister Skrulls.

The Matrix: Resurrections - Keanu Reeves returns to the iconic role of Neo in the latest installment of the sci-fi action franchise.

Mission: Impossible 8 - Tom Cruise returns as super-spy Ethan Hunt, taking on his toughest mission yet in this high-octane thriller.

New limited series and TV shows streaming in May

Streaming platforms are increasingly becoming a destination for some of the most exciting and innovative TV series. May 2023 is no exception, with plenty of new limited series and TV shows set to be released next month. Here are a few of the most highly anticipated:

The Peripheral - Based on the novel by William Gibson, this sci-fi thriller follows a woman who becomes embroiled in a dangerous conspiracy after discovering a mysterious piece of technology.

The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey - Laurence Fishburne stars in this emotional drama about an elderly man battling dementia, who discovers a new lease of life after meeting a young woman.

The Morning Show: Season 3 - The hit drama series returns for a third season, delving deeper into the lives of the anchors and staff of a popular morning news show.

Upcoming sports events to stream

For sports fans, streaming platforms are a great way to catch all the action from the biggest sporting events around the world. Here are a few of the most exciting events to look out for in May 2023:

UEFA Champions League Final - The biggest club football competition in the world comes to a climax in May 2023, with the final set to take place at the iconic Wembley Stadium in London.

NBA Finals - Basketball fans won't want to miss the high-flying action of the NBA Finals, where the best teams in the league battle it out for the championship title.

French Open - Tennis fans can look forward to the second Grand Slam event of the year, with the world's top players set to compete on the clay courts of Roland Garros.

What’s streaming in June 2023?

As we bid farewell to May 2023, there is already plenty to look forward to in the month of June. Here are a few of the most exciting movies and TV shows set to be released:

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever - The highly anticipated sequel to the groundbreaking superhero movie is set to hit streaming platforms in June 2023.

The Underground Railroad: Season 2 - The acclaimed limited series returns for a second season, continuing the story of a young woman's journey to freedom in the antebellum South.

Stranger Things: Season 4 - The beloved sci-fi series returns for a fourth season, promising more thrills, scares, and nostalgia than ever before.

In conclusion, May 2023 is shaping up to be an exciting month for streaming content, with a wide range of new movies, TV shows, and sporting events available to watch.

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