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Best VPN service for your
Android devices

Protect all your Android Devices with only one VPN application

What is ValeVPN
for Android?

  • ValeVPN for the Android is the perfect VPN service that enables you to get unlimited and safe access to all the information you need on all your Android devices.

    We understand that your smartphone and tablet are always with you, so it is vital to secure all your data, especially when connecting to public WiFi.

    With ValeVPN, you can be sure that all your browsing experience remains anonymous, even for us, as we do not take any logs.

  • Download now and get 45-day money back guarantee

Download ValeVPN for Android and Gain Unrestricted Online Access!

Access your favourite content
Protect your data
Connect to a public WiFi safely
Use online banking risk-free
Get rid of annoying ads
Enjoy a smooth, uninterrupted web experience
Unblock and watch popular streaming services
Play your favourite online games
Use simultaneously on 5 different devices

Don’t miss your chance to protect all your
devices with the only dedicated VPN

ValeVPN: The Only Self Destructing,
Single Use Servers

When you’re done. Your server is permanently deleted.

3 Simple Steps to use ValeVPN on your smartphone and tablet

How to set up ValeVPN
for Android

If you need help, our Support Team is always here to help you.

Why ValeVPN for Android
is the Best Choice?

Use ValeVPN 30 days for free

We offer you a free trial period. Test all the features and performance before making decision.

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