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Does the VPN make sense?

The Internet is dangerous. And every day the danger increases. Your personal security and privacy is also at risk as is the security and privacy of large companies. Data leaks and hacker attacks no longer surprise anyone. This is why the VPN has become so popular. But what is the principle of a VPN system? Why are more people browsing with VPNs? And is it really an essential tool?

  • Does VPN make sense?

  • Why do you need VPN?

Maintain your privacy when connected to a public network

Wi-Fi in public places, in a hotel room, in an airport terminal or in a cozy cafe, are all ideal targets for cybercriminals. A fake hotspot with a convincing name allows a hacker to seamlessly connect to your laptop or smartphone, download a malicious app, and steal your bank details. A fake access point is a trap that many users fall into. Even its name will not make you suspicious. When connected to such an access point, hackers gain access to your traffic and can easily see leaked sensitive information, including banking details, emails and logins.

Will a VPN save you from data leakage?

Your VPN traffic will be transmitted through a special encrypted tunnel on the VPN server, so your online activities will be securely hidden. If you connect to a fake access point with a VPN, then the hacker will only see a stream of random information that cannot be decrypted. Also, with a VPN you can view websites and content that may be blocked in your country.

Sometimes sites do not allow citizens of other countries to view their pages, this is especially common in countries with severe censorship. But most often the content is blocked for minor reasons such as licensing restrictions. Think about the latest Hollywood title that is released in North America first, and then licensed to other regions months later.

A VPN will allow you to use the Internet without any restrictions. While in the USA or Canada, you will be able to view sites that are only available to residents of Singapore. One has only to connect to a VPN server located in Singapore and you will receive an IP address as if you were a resident of Singapore. This can be particularly important when trying to access 'local' media, including news and reports in a country. Sometimes such news and media reports will be 'filtered' out, or 'sanitized' for global consumption by various governments. A VPN can give you un-filtered access to those reports.

How does VPN maintain privacy? VPN allows you to securely change your IP address, location, and fully encrypts all the data you transmit.

Does a VPN make sense?

Yes, VPN is worth it. Having received a new localized IP address, you can open any sites without restrictions. Furthermore, you can be assured your content and activity will be encrypted.

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